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Wholesale Distributor of a wide range of products which include graco lubrication pumps, graco electric lubrication pump for cls and graco electric lubrication pumps.

Graco Lubrication Pumps

Graco Lubrication Pumps
  • Graco Lubrication Pumps
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Product Details:

Pump Body MaterialAluminum
Air Pressure40 - 150 psi
Air Volume to Operate per Stroke0.85 sq in
Recommended Lube Pressure2000 psi
Rupture Disc High Pressure Protection1750 psi
Cycle Rate High Pressure Protection10 cpm (Grease),30 cpm (Light Oil)
Reservoir MaterialPlastic and Steel
Oil Reservoir Capacity4 - 20 pints
Grease Reservoir Capacity3 - 20 lb
LubricantOil or Grease
Output Per Stroke0.030 sq in
Adj Output E Pump0.010 - 0.030 sq in
Pump Ratio201

The E-Series pump is a great, minimum cost, an entry-level alternative to standard pneumatic pump products.

This all-in-one pump package comes complete with no assembly required and is easy to install.

All pump packages include high-pressure rupture disc assembly and lube outlet check valve.

The E-Series offers many reservoir options for either grease or oil.

Great for any application where price is a concern and installation time is at a premium.


  • Easy field installation of accessories without disturbing existing plumbing Smart pump design with few moving parts ensures long-lasting dependability
  • Simplicity of pump design ensures long-lasting dependability. The pump's only moving parts are the air and lube pistons and spring, plus the check valve ball and spring.
  • Standard fixed-output pump includes 1,750 psi (121 bar) high pressure rupture disc assembly to prevent downstream high pressure conditions from damaging the pump. Optional discs, with a variety of pressure ratings, are also available.
  • Fast, simple installation. The pump mounts to the bottom of the reservoir, the low level switch assembly mounts to top of reservoir, and the pressure gauge accessory threads into a port on the side of the fixed-output pump. The entire assembly is mounted with two screws through holes provided in the reservoir mounting bracket.


  • Air under pressure from a central supply enters the air inlet on the pump. The air piston (A) and the lube piston (B) are moved to the right by this air under pressure. This forces the lubricant from the chamber (C1) through the check valve (C) and out into the distribution system. When the air supply is vented, the piston spring (D) returns the air and lube pistons (A and B) to their original position. The ball check spring closes the check valve. The return of the pistons to their original position opens the inlet for oil or grease to enter chamber (C1) and prime the pump for the next stroke.

Product Details:
Oil Low Level Switch10 Watts at 120 VAC (Resistive), 1/4 amp SPST, or 15 Watts, 120 VAC (Resistive, 1/2 amp SPDT
Grease Low Level SwitchSPDT, 15 amps at 120, 240 and 480 VAC, 1/2 amp at 120 VDC, or 1/4 amp at 240 VDC
Mounting Screw Torque Rectangular Plastic Oil Reservoir20 in lb
Mounting Screw Torque Cylindrical Reservoir8–11 ft lb
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Graco Electric Lubrication Pump For CLS

Graco Electric Lubrication Pump For CLS
  • Graco Electric Lubrication Pump For CLS
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Product Details:

ApplicationOff-Road Lubrication, On-Road Lubrication, Series Progressive Lubrication
Maximum Working Pressure5100 psi
Contact Rating10 Watts Maximum
Switch Rating200 VDC Maximum
Switching Current0.5 A Maximum
Carry Current1.2 A Maximum

Extend machinery life, reduce operating costs and increase productivity with a Graco G3 today! G3’s flexible design works with injector-based and series the progressive systems.

A cost-effective pump designed to serve multiple markets and applications. Three controllers to choose from with multiple zones and feedback options.

Includes one adjustable pump element–standard, plus room for two more.

    • Built-in controller with the selectable pump on/pump off timer
    • Low level indicator provides low warning and shut-down alarm
    • Manual run initiates lube cycle on-demand (the remote option also available)
    • Password protection safeguards
    • Pre-lube function can initiate lube cycle on start-up
    • Up to three pressure or cycle switch inputs to ensure proper lubrication cycles
    • Mix/match cycle and pressure switches for custom installations and feedback
    • Machine count input–ideally suited for inconsistently used equipment
    • Fault indication to external alarms
    • Optional Data Management System™ (DMS)

    Product Details:

    100–240 VAC88 - 264 VAC, 0.8 A current, 90 VA Power, 47/63 Hz, Single phase
    12 VDC9 - 16 VDC, 5 A current, 60 W, inrush/locked rotor 12 A
    24 VDC18 - 32 VDC, 2.5 A current, 60 W, inrush/locked rotor 6 A
    Outputs — Alarm Relay
    Rated LoadResistive: 0.4 A at 125 VAC, 2 A at 30 VDC, Inductive: 0.2 A at 125 VAC, 1 A at 30 VDC
    Max Operating VoltageResistive: 250 VAC, 220 VAC, Inductive: 250 VAC, 220 VDC
    Max Operating CurrentResistive: 3 A (AC), 3A (DC), Inductive: 1.5 A (AC), 1.5 A (DC)
    Max Switching CapacityResistive: 50 VA, 60 W, Inductive: 25 VA, 30 W
    Min Permissible LoadResistive: 10 Micro A, 10m VDC, Inductive: 10 Micro A, 10m VDC
    Outputs — Vent Valve
    Required Vent Valve TypeNormally Closed
    Output Voltage 100/240 VAC24 VDC
    Output Voltage 12 VDCInput Voltage
    Output Voltage 24 VDCInput Voltage
    Max Operating Current2 A
    Max Operating Power48 W
    Outputs — Low Level (Dry Contact)
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      Graco Electric Lubrication Pumps

      Graco Electric Lubrication Pumps
      • Graco Electric Lubrication Pumps
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      Product Details:

      Voltage Range5 to 32 VDC
      Drive Resistance1.1K
      HF Models24.1 MPa, 241 bar
      HP Models34.47 MPa, 344 bar
      All Models24VDC
      Wire Terminal AWG Size for Control Board24 to 10 AWG
      Working temperature-25 Degree C to 50 Degree C
      Maximum working pressure241 bar, 24.1 MPa

      The Dyna-Star HP and HF 24VDC Electric Lubrication Pumps compliment our Dyna-Star 10:1 Hydraulic and Fire-Ball 300 50:1 Pneumatic pump offering.

      Now you have three power source options for automatic lubrication systems and transfer applications.

      Heavy-duty construction and mining equipment rely on fresh lubricant to flush contaminants from critical pivot points.

      An automatic lubrication system from Graco provides continuous lube replenishment, reducing expensive component failures to keep your equipment working.

      • Auto Fill Shut Off - mechanical shut off of fill pump for clean and efficient refill
      • Graco Advantage Drive™–heavy duty gear drive–lubed for life
      • Tube-in-tube vent and fill path–convert drum to injector system instantly
      • Vent valve mounted directly to pump–no more brackets or extra hoses and pipes
      • Motor control–speed and AMP control
      • Cold weather performance (-40º C)
      • More efficient seal replacement
      • Optional AC to DC Power Converter Box
      • Enables the use of 110 to 230 VAC power to run the 24 VDC Dyna-Star HP and HP pumps
      • AC to DC Converter box comes with mounting and wiring hardware making installations easy and flexible
      • Remote Fill Manifold with Vent (with built-in pressure gauge) allows you to conveniently locate the fill port where you want it

      Technical Details:

      ON/OFF Signal Voltage Range and Current:

      • Voltage Range: 5 to 32 VDC
      • Drive Resistance: 1.1K

      Peak Power:

      • 24 VDC: 720W

      Pump Output:

      • HF Models: See Performance Charts in manual
      • HP Models: See Performance Charts in manual

      Weight - Pump Only:

      • 35 - 60 lb Tank / Reservoir: 22.7 kg
      • 90 - 120 lb Tank / Reservoir: 25.0 kg
      • 400 lb Tank / Reservoir: 27.2 kg

      Operating Temperature:

      • HP Models: –40° to 65°C
      • HF Models: -10° to 65°C
      • Storage Temperature HP and HF Models: –40° to 65°C
      • Humidity Level: 90%
      • IP Rating: IP69K

      Audible Sound Pressure:

      • 1000 psi (6.89 MPa, 58.95 bar) Models: 70.7 dB(A)
      • 2000 psi (13.79 MPa, 137.9 bar) Models: 71.4 dB(A)
      • 3000 psi (20.68 MPa, 206.84 bar) Models: 71.4 dB(A)
      • 4000 psi (27.58 MPa, 275.79 bar) Models: 71.2 dB(A)
      • 5000 psi (34.47 MPa, 374.74 bar) Models: 70.6 dB(A)


      • Cable Gland Thread: M25
      • Cable Range: 9 - 16 cm
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